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U.S. / Caribbean Business Networking Forum “Working with the Caribbean Business Diaspora: A Solid Investment”



Wednesday, March 22, 2017, 10:30 to 2:30.  Capitol Hill, Russell Senate Office Building, Kennedy Caucus Room-SR325, Washington, DC. United States / Caribbean “Working with the Caribbean Business Diaspora: A Solid Investment.” See Program Booklet and Speakers’ Bios.

“Our topic today – U.S./Caribbean, Working with the Caribbean Business Diaspora: A Solid Investment – is a simple but complex one. We will be examining the contours and texture of the relationships between the United States and the Caribbean through the prism of business. We have brought together some of the brightest minds this side of the Caribbean, the Diaspora, and the world. Not just to peel back what we see going on between governments, business entities, residents and communities but also to use our crystal balls to divine what our future looks like and how we can best produce results that are win-win for all concerned.” — Arlene Graham, Founder/CEO, Caribbean Returning Nationals Foundation and Global Idea Synergy, LLC.   Read full speech


This forum continues the work which began in 2012 and has reached thousands of businesses from the Diaspora located in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Netherlands and other countries/regions. This forum builds on the foundation that is already in place.  Read about the work CRN has done to date.

 Read some of the comments we received:


“I am forwarding this message of acknowledgement that ISUCAN received from Ms. Arlene Graham Founder of CRNF Inc. & Sponsor of the event. For her invitation to visit the Foundation Business Forum in Washington D.C on Wednesday March 22, 20017. We at ISUCAN welcome the invitation & was very pleased & honored to attend such an event. The reception given to us was heart warming & the material provided was very informative & helpful to our continuing Programs Development Plans Objectives, which is to established unification of our US Caribbean Diaspora Communities Organizations, Civic Groups, Businesses & Clergy Members throughout the USA & beyond. To be recognized by all Government Agencies & Elected Officials, as the new evolving Political voice of the Caribbean Communities, to be address as one group & to speak with one voice under the Umbrella directions of the CARICOM Caribbean Members of Nations. We at ISUCAN USA, Org. would like to extend our sincere thanks to the CRNF & its Membership for the invitation & for hosting such an wonderful event, we look forward for continued dialogue communications moving forward.” Hon. David Forde, President, CEO/Founder of the International Society of United Caribbean Nationals,(ISUCAN), USA, Org.

“Yesterday was quite incredible. Lots of potential opportunities were floated about and I feel that most involved felt the same.” Joseph Isaac, Planet3

“The Forum was very interesting and the Network can make a really substantial contribution to the region. I can imagine the amount of hard work you must have put in to bring Caribbean issues to the fore.”
 Elizabeth Parsan, Trade and Development Expert


“The event was excellent. It brought Caribbean Nationals from different places on the spectrum to show their dedication and efforts toward building a network through the Caribbean and its Diaspora. The panelists were well chosen as they gave insightful information highlighting what is already being done and what needs to be done to strengthen this network. As a student attending this event, it gave me the desire to want to help to reverse the brain drain in the Caribbean while still fulfilling my academic and professional dreams.”  Kristen Holness, Student, State University of New York- New Paltz


The business forum was an absolutely great experience. Imagine in one state room, there were many phenomenal Caribbean individuals who either owned a business, or is doing great things in the corporate world. Such meetings are rare and I was happy to be apart of this one, hosted by the Caribbean Returning Nationals Foundation. I hope to see more students at the next event.  Whitney Griffith, Student, Howard University


“As a research coordinator for the Caribbean Returning Nationals Foundation, I would like to thank and congratulate Arlene Graham on a spectacular U.S. Caribbean Business Networking Forum Event. The opportunity to present CRN’s Caribbean Girls Entrepreneurship Program, interact and network with various panelists from different professional backgrounds enabled in depth discussions on business start-up and investment ventures. In addition, the forum presented hope for effective individual, community and regional development. A reminder of the Diaspora’s awesome potential to build a mutually beneficial U.S. and Caribbean economy showcases the importance of such events. The legacy of our Caribbean community, presented through this forum, displayed the importance of building connections to strengthen our financial foundation to effectively give back to the region.”  Rose Minor


“I was thoroughly impressed with the material and participants of the networking forum. It was interesting to hear the perspectives of the various agencies from all levels – local, state, and federal. The panelists shared a wealth of knowledge that is invaluable to small / minority businesses such as Chase Street Partners. I look forward to continuing the conversation and forming strategic partnerships with my fellow entrepreneurs.  Thank you for hosting and inviting us to the forum!”  Alex Aaron, Chairman & CEO


“I want to congratulate Arlene Graham and the Board Members of the Caribbean Returning Nationals Foundation for the fabulous business networking event held in Washington DC on Wednesday, March 22. The location, in the Russell Senate Office Building-Kennedy Caucus Room, enhanced the serious but intimate discussions about the future financial economies of the Caribbean area. Several panelists shared their expertise. From the remarks of each of the Ambassadors to the Economic Development Specialists, all the information was pragmatic and useful for present and future entrepreneurs. The highlight for me was watching and listening to the resourceful afternoon panelists, of which my daughter Rose, was a presenter of The Girls Entrepreneurship Initiative. I applaud all the participants’ success stories shared with us. Showcasing their technical skills, financial savvy to connect to resources, and their environmental regard inspired me. They are the future we cherish and the stakeholders of the Caribbean region.”  Chella Minor


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