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Your skills and is the time for students and young professionals to grab the baton, embrace their heritage and make their mark.

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It is important to educate beyond our neighborhoods and tap into the resources of neighboring communities in order to expand our intellectual capital - Daymond John, Founder and CEO of FUBU and star of Shark Tank.

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Reversing the brain drain by investing in our young people

Grooming our Young People

Our strength may come from motivating our communities - Kaidie Williams

Empowering Students and Young Professionals to be Global Innovators.

The Students for Students Initiative (SFSI), a division of Caribbean Returning Nationals Foundation, Inc., empowers students and young professionals from all cultures to be global innovators. We use our global presence and network to help young people achieve their career goals; build their individual brands and gain hands-on skills to include on their resume. SFSI understands today’s youth needs support and access to opportunities to compete on the international stage. Through our Out-Of-The-Box Approach to career development, SFSI offers various programs designed specifically to address the young person’s interests and skills. SFSI also aims to reverse the effect of the brain drain on the Caribbean region by reinvesting knowledge and technical skills back into the region.

Creating Opportunities for Young People

Creating Opportunities for Young People
SFSI understands that young people needs access to opportunities. Through our Out-Of-The-Box Approach, SFSI creates career developmental openings for young people throughout the world.

Inspiring Through CommVersations

Inspiring Through CommVersations
SFSI develops youth career paths by teaching, training, lecturing, and creating forums where young people can express themselves.

Choosing a Career Path / Building Your Brand

Choosing a Career Path / Building Your Brand
SFSI understands that we have to involve the community to support our young people. SFSI partners with international Schools, Colleges, Universities, Businesses, Individuals and International Organizations to provide career opportunities for our youth.

Giving Back Physically and Virtually, Because We Care