• Caribbean Youth:
    Empowering At-Risk Youths
    To Succeed in their communities

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  • Providing A Trusted Gateway
    To Identify, Train and Connect
    Entrepreneurial Talent

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  • Developing Local Economies
    by creating synergies
    and promoting Inter-Island Trading

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  • Producing Specialty Events
    Globally - All Aimed To Connect
    Caribbean Innovation and Talent

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Seeking Girls for Caribbean Girls Entrepreneurship Program (CGEP)

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Caribbean Returning Nationals Foundation (CRN) is a 501 c 3 non-profit that supports economic development in the Caribbean to reverse
the effects of the brain drain by connecting resources and technical skills from the Diaspora back into the region.


Register to become involved in various initiatives including working on Special Projects with global clients or joining our Caribbean Co-working Campus for Entrepreneurs.


Learn about CRN's Strategic Connection Platform, Challenge Cup-Caribbean, Special Events/Projects, Caribbean CommVersations and Caribbean Connector Online Magazine.


Creating opportunities through our Students for Students Initiatives (SFSI) to connect innovators to Mentors to assist them to compete on the world stage; build their individual brands while gaining hands-on skills to include on their resume.

25+ Countries

We Serve Expatriates and Communities from most Caribbean Countries and Territories.

20+ Cultures

Committed to Bringing Together People from Different Cultural Backgrounds.

Million+ Dollars

Caribbean Expatriates Returning Millions of Dollars Annually to the Region.


The Caribbean Region is rich with many resources be it oil or expertise...whatever you need we can provide.

We Are Here For You


Our Efforts are for the Region's Survival! Help Us
Reverse the Brain Drain.


Creating Opportunities



Empower a generation of young people to bring the Caribbean from a developing to a developed...


Empowering to be global innovators by using our global presence and network...


A network of Caribbean Professionals with expertise in wide ranging commercial and industrial fields...


CRN and our team of experts manages diaspora and other projects all aimed to improve the Caribbean region for future generations...

  • testimonial avatar

    Positive strides

    “Caribbean Returning Nationals Foundation has been making positive strides in the development of entrepreneurship in the Caribbean. I was particularity impressed with its successful hosting of the 1776 Challenge Cup-Caribbean.”

    Inshan Meahjohn, Asst VP Entrepreneurship & Technology Commercialization at The University of Trinidad and Tobago

  • testimonial avatar

    Giant step forward

    Great to see CRNF recognizing companies using network and affiliate marketing business model. Giant step forward.

    R. , Shane

  • testimonial avatar

    Successfully executing event

    “Congratulations to Caribbean Returning Nationals Foundation for successfully executing the Challenge Cup-Caribbean. This is a great milestone for your organization and an invaluable boost to entrepreneurs in the Caribbean and beyond.  Kudos to the innovative minds behind all these great initiatives. Keep creating and promoting critical, game-changing programs like this one. I am so PROUD of YOU ALL.”

    Kulya Nzogu, KNZ Enterprises

  • testimonial avatar

    Met potential investors

    “I was able to connect with some potential investors and also some really good friends so overall it was a great trip for me & CTS!

    Khalil Bryan, CEO , Caribbean Transit Solutions

  • testimonial avatar

    Impressive contradiction

    “So often sentiments are echoed about a Caribbean whose future is at risk because of its lost youth. Attending the Caribbean Returning Nationals  Foundation’s Challenge Cup-Caribbean event was an impressive contradiction of those opinions. Both the quantity and quality of the pitches were  hopeful reassurance to me that our region is in fact well-endowed with innovation, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit to compete on a global stage, and secure a bright Caribbean future.”

    Rhonda Jaipaul-O’Garro, Fulbright Scholar/University of the West Indies

  • testimonial avatar

    Grateful to CRN

    We had a fantastic experience at the CRN 1776 Challenge Cup Caribbean. The preparatory session and information from judges were priceless and enabled us to reexamine and strengthen critical aspects of our business model. We are very excited to be one of the top three startups that received the nod to attend the Regional Challenge Cup in NYC and are grateful to the Caribbean Returning Nationals Foundation for organizing and sponsoring this fantastic initiative. As a social business that financially empowers survivors of domestic and sexual violence, the opportunity to pitch in NYC and to be mentored by leading experts is exciting and invaluable.”

    Asiya Mohammed, Conflict Women

  • testimonial avatar

    Impact on my business

    The CRN 1776 Challenge Cup-Caribbean has had an amazing impact on my business already. People are recognizing the brand, asking questions and setting up appointments. The CCC has aided in bringing our name not only to St. Lucia but the rest of the Region. EcoCarib from the name alone is dedicated to the Caribbean region and this platform was coherent with our goal. We look forward to the next event and the continued innovative drive of our fellow Entrepreneurs throughout the Region.

    Eco Carib, Denell C. Florius

  • testimonial avatar

    Exciting Weeks

    I have had 5 wonderful and exciting weeks working with Caribbean Returning Nationals Foundation.  I have learned so much about what it is like to have a job and how to act in the workplace.  Also I had a really lovely time coming to this internship and working with your internship and mentoring team.

    L. Unkenholz, German National

  • testimonial avatar

    Rewarding Experience

    My daughter’s involvement with SFSI as an international coordinator has been rewarding….

    D. Chung, Guyanese National

  • testimonial avatar

    Positive Change

    I am convinced women like you will bring about the positive change we badly need in our countries, and move our nations and our people to the next level. I will always support you and your bold ideas. 

    Caribbean National, Washington, DC

  • testimonial avatar

    Success is here…

    CRNF does such a tremendous job! Success is around the corner.

    Caribbean Heritage, Martinique

  • testimonial avatar

    Leverage the Diaspora

    “I do believe that our Caribbean needs to leverage the diaspora to move forward especially at this stage of our development!”

    Barbados, National

  • testimonial avatar

    I strongly believe…

    I strongly believe in the diaspora giving back to our Caribbean region…that is why I support the work and mission of the Caribbean Returning Nationals Foundation, Inc…I encourage you to get involved and be a part of this movement for change throughout the region.

    Jazz and Opera Singer, Marie Claire, Dominica

  • testimonial avatar

    Thanks for this opportunity…

    Thanks for this opportunity. I just stumbled on your website and I have been looking for an organization like this one. I would like to become a member Or even volunteer in some capacity. I love everything that you are doing and wish you all the success because we really need organizations like yours.

    BAHAMAS, Nature & Health

  • testimonial avatar

    Better Job Opportunity

    Since becoming a part of CRNF”s students for students network, I have been provided with a better job opportunity and have learned valuable career development skills that will help me in the future.  I have been exposed to a much wider network of professionals who truly care about helping students grow and succeed academically as well as in the workforce.  In addition to the job opportunities, I have also been given the opportunity to meet other students and participate in “Students for Students Initiative” (SFSI) events such as interviewing prominent individuals in the Caribbean Diaspora. I would highly recommend SFSI to any student looking for ways to gain work experience and learn new skills.

    Esther P, Nigera

We appreciate you!

Friends of CRN

You can participate at


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blog image
January, 2016 , Trinidad and Tobago

Congratulations to the Winners!

Caribbean Returning Nationals Foundation partnered with 1776, a US-based incubator and seed fund, to bring the Challenge Cup to the Caribbean Region putting the region on the map as one of 50 local events happening around the world as part of a global competition. This was an evening of brief presentations from startups in regulated industries (food, education, energy, food,

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June 24, 2015 , Washington, DC


CRN was invited to attend The White House Caribbean-American Heritage Month 10th Anniversary Briefing and Reception on June 24, 2015. Attendees were briefed on Immigration, Strengthening and Sustaining Communities, and the Administration’s Efforts on Issues in the Caribbean Region. Jeh Johnson, Secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security gave the Key Note Address.

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August 23, 2013 , Trinidad and Tobago

“Banking on Returning Nationals: A Solid Investment”

Convening best ideas and approaches on ways to leverage the financial assets and the skills of the diaspora living in foreign countries to connect them to local opportunities, build stronger economies, enhance broad-based development, and bring about a positive social change in their countries of origin.

USA and Caribbean

Contact US

+ 1-240-619-3922

UNITED STATES: 9103 Woodmore Centre Drive, #304, Lanham Maryland 20706 - TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO: 133 Cayenne Drive, La Plata, Valencia, Trinidad & Tobago